Cybersecurity Services

Penetration Testing Services

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is probably one of the most important services you could have done. It will give you an idea of how hackers can get into your network from the outside and let you know the exact weaknesses in your network’s defense. 

Cybersecurity Consulting

Cybersecurity Consulting

Whether you are a small business or medium sized business, no matter what industry you are in you need to consider the state of your cybersecurity. We have the capability to build your security from scratch, consult you on your current cybersecurity setup, provide assistance with regulation/standard compliance like CMMC and NIST 800, and even assist you in implementing various cybersecurity solutions or technologies.

Managed Cybersecurity Services

Secure Network Design

You may be running a small business with a small staff and not much room for overhead to hire a security engineer or a security analyst to manage and monitor the security of your network. Anthony Timbers LLC offers managed cybersecurity services that allow you to completely offload this responsibility to us so you can focus on running your business and rest assured that you are being protected.

Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability Assessments

Regardless of what field your business is in, you need to have regular vulnerability assessments done. This will allow you to discover weaknesses and fix any gaps in your security and keep you protected in the future.

Secure Network Redesign

Cybersecurity Services

Most networks succumb to attacks because they are not secure. With a secure network design from Anthony Timbers LLC, you can be sure that your network is safe from outside threats.

HIPAA Compliance Consulting


Whether you just started in the healthcare industry or have been working in it for 20 years, you need to be sure that your business is HIPAA compliant and protecting Electronic Protected Health Informtion (ePHI) properly and Anthony Timbers LLC can help.

Cybersecurity Policy Documentation

Cybersecurity Policy

Without Cybersecurity policies and procedures, your business could be at high risk to be successfully attacked. Having the proper policies and plans in place ensures that your network will stay safe, that your company is compliant with required regulations/laws and that you can respond immediately to cyber events.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery

In the face of a disaster that knocks your network offline, you need a plan in order to restore business operations as soon as possible. If not planned for properly, you could lose thousands of dollars in business, tarnish your public reputation, and even lose employee lives.

vCISO Services

vCISO Services

If you’re like most companies, you most likely want to improve your network security posture but cannot afford to hire a full-time security person or a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to come in and build out an Information Security program for you. Well, you may just need a Virtual CISO (vCISO). A vCISO is an outsourced security practitioner or provider who offers their time and insight to an organization on an ongoing basis, usually part-time and remotely. Anthony Timbers LLC offers this service to clients to enable any business to build an Information Security program on almost any budget!

Penetration Testing

Anthony Timbers LLC is a leading Penetration Testing Firm that has completed a large number of penetration tests for our clients, all of which were extremely pleased, shocked, and impressed. See more detail on the types of penetration testing services we offer below.

Internal Network Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing | Cybersecurity Consulting

Checking your network for vulnerabilities form the inside is extremely important because what if an attacker makes it into your network through a compromised system? Are you safe? This is where internal network penetration testing comes into play.

External Network Penetration Testing

External Penetration Testing

It is important to understand what threats you face from the outside of your network. Majority of companies have glaring vulnerabilities that are available to the public to exploit and gain access to sensitive information inside your network. External Penetration Testing can find these vulnerabilities and help you secure your network from the outside.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Web Application Penetration Testing

While your web application may function correctly, it may be extremely insecure. You need to conduct web application penetration tests on your web applications at least quarterly in order to ensure that it is not vulnerable to common attacks from the OWASP Top 10 Web App Vulnerabilities, like SQL injection or XSS for example.

Cloud Penetration Testing

Cloud Penetration Testing

Whether you use AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform to host your cloud environment, you need to have penetration tests run on it at least annually to determine if there are any security misconfigurations that could lead to your cloud environment being compromised. Select below to learn about each type of cloud penetration testing services we offer:

Cybersecurity Consulting Services

We can meet all of your cybersecurity consulting needs. Whether you have no security at all or need to become compliant with standards like NIST 800-171, Anthony Timbers LLC has you covered and can improve your cybersecurity drastically!

HIPAA Compliance

Handling ePHI takes a lot of care and you need to ensure that you are following all HIPAA guidelines or you can be fined up to 1 Million Dollars! We are experienced in dealing with many healthcare companies and assisting them in gaining HIPAA compliance.

NIST 800-53, 800-171, and CMMC Compliance

Working with the government typically requires NIST 800-53 or other standards to be implemented. We are experts on all things NIST and are well versed in CMMC. Let us help you gain compliance and implement the appropriate security controls today!

Cybersecurity Planning/ Implementation

We have vast experience in building and implementing security plans for businesses that have no security at all and also analyzing/improving the security of companies that already do some basic security tasks. 

PCI DSS Compliance

If you take credit/debit card payments, you need to make sure that you are PCI DSS compliant. Our experts can walk you through what it takes to be compliant with the standard and even conduct PCI assessments for your business.

Cybersecurity Consulting

Managed Cybersecurity Services

Let us manage your cybersecurity for you while you run your business. We offer a variety of managed cybersecurity services that not only will keep you extremely secure, but also won’t put a strain on your wallet!

Managed Security Services

Fraction of the cost of Hiring Dedicated Personnel

If you’re looking for budget friendly cybersecurity where you don’t have to worry about day to day operations, look no further! You’ll gain the full benefits of hiring  a dedicated security person for a fraction of the cost!

Next Generation Antivirus

Rest assured that your company’s computers are kept safe due to our use of only next generation antivirus software that are at the top of all providers and tested to be almost 100% effective at detecting threats.

Patch Management

Missing patches is a major reason why systems are often compromised on small-medium sized networks. Let us automatically detect and install missing patches to make sure that your company is almost never vulnerable.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

You always want to make sure that you have your data backed up and have a way to restore from a backup in case of a disaster likely a ransomware attack to minimize the damage it can do to your business. We offer an extremely secure and robust disaster recovery offering that is fully managed by us!

Client Testimonials

Checkout some of our client testimonials below!

Department of Army

I was personally very satisfied with Mr. Timbers’ performance, cybersecurity expertise as it related to software vulnerability assessments, timelessness and ability to work with our team. Our team appreciated his dedication, expertise and professionalism.

Gary Perry

Department of Army (DoD)


Anthony did fantastic work on designing our IT Security Plan, and we look forward to working with him again in the future. We highly recommend him as he was easy to work with, and completed his work on time and within the budget assigned!

Peter Campbell

Physicians Toxicology

Cino Security Solutions

Anthony was hired as a pen tester. He did a great job, completing his work in excellence and on time. We would hire Anthony again.

Dennis Szymanski

Cino Security Solutions


Great job on this initial compliance assessment. Will be working with him on bolstering HIPAA compliance from here on.

Steven Pestka

OnService Soultions

Skysoft Inc.

Great to work with, self driven and intelligent. We will surely hire Anthony again. Anthony provided a full pen test for us internally and externally.

Carlos Espada

Skysoft Inc.

Ann Arbor T-Shirts

Anthony was professional, prompt, and did the job to our needs and high standards.

Ricky Winowiecki

Ann Arbor T-shirt Company

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