Why You Need Cybersecurity Consulting

01. It Is Too Dangerous To Not Have A Cybersecurity Plan

Not having a cybersecurity plan in place for your company only sets you up for failure. Without a proper cybersecurity plan in place, how will you protect sensitive company/employee information? How will you detect a respond to attacks? How will you know if you are vulnerable to attacks? If you cannot answer these questions, then your company is at great risk!

Too Dangerous Not Having Cybersecurity Plan
Not Safe With Antivirus and Firewalls

02. You Are Not Safe With Antivirus Software And Firewalls Alone

Cybersecurity does NOT mean installing an antivirus software and a couple of firewalls. While this is a good start, it barely scratches the surface of what you need in place to the be safe from attackers. You need the proper security policies, security devices, device configurations, and much more to keep your information safe. Let me help show you the flaws in your network and how you can truly strengthen the security of your company!

03. Cyber Attacks Are Frequent And Growing Exponentially By The Day

Every 39 seconds there is a cyber attack. That means that every second of every day, your company is at risk! As time passes, this number will continually drop as well. When it does, you want your company to be ready to combat any attackers that pose a threat to your business!

Cyber Attacks Are Increasing
You Think You Aren't a Target

04. Anyone On The Internet Is A Target, Whether You Realize It Or Not

If you have a device that has an IP address and an internet connection, then it is a target, PERIOD! Within hours, a device connecting to the internet for the first time is almost guaranteed to be receiving attacks from random places on the internet. Bots are constantly scanning the entire web looking for vulnerabilities to exploit. If they find even one, your entire network is at risk. Consult with me and do not let this happen to you!

05. You Could Already Be The Victim Of An Attack

Do you constantly scan your network to check for potentially infected machines? Do you make sure that your antivirus definitions are up to date on a daily basis on every machine? Do you analyze the results of daily antivirus scans to detect if a machine has been infected? If not, then you already could be a victim. Devices on your network could already be sending sensitive information to an attacker without you even knowing it. Let me help you figure out if you are already a victim of an attack.

Already A Victim of An Attack
Think You Have Good Enough Cybersecurity

06. You THINK You Already Have Good Enough “Cybersecurity”

You think you have “Cybersecurity” already? Well so did Target, Yahoo, and Equifax and look what happened to them: in 2013, Target lost over $18.5M after credit card information was stolen from their network. In 2016, 3 billion Yahoo! accounts were hacked. In 2017, 147.9 million consumers were affected by the data breach that they were victim to. These are giant corporations with “cybersecurity” implemented already and plenty money invested. They still fell victim to attacks, so why wouldn’t you?

Cybersecurity Consulting: Ready To Secure Your Network?

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