No matter what industry or category your business falls into, you need to consider cybersecurity. Here are some of the main industries/categories that are most likely to be targeted by cyber attacks that I can help:

Healthcare Businesses & Organizations

Cyber attacks against healthcare companies account for a large amount of the total cyber attacks. They also tend to be an easy target for attackers due to their usual lack of security. Hackers can steal electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) and sell it for a large profit on the dark web.

Higher Education Establishments

Attacks on education establishments have been on the rise and are occurring at an alarming rate now. This includes K-12 and universities. Students and their information are prime targets for attackers.

Energy & Utility Businesses

Energy and utility businesses deal with a lot of PHI and also have a lot of control over physical locations. Hackers see these businesses as valuable targets to not only make money, but to cause damage to the economy and even harm people.

Local Government

The local government tends to usually be a bit behind when it comes to technology, so it makes them a prime target for cyber attacks. They deal with a lot of money and PHI, so hackers see the local government as a gold mine.

Small and Medium Sized Businesses

65% of cyber attacks are targeted at small to medium sized businesses.